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We have unparalleled experience in producing secured high value documents and coupons. Largest integrated commercial security printer and hologram maker and a leading provider of gold coin packing solutions to Central Banks and Mints. Producer of Social Security Cards and Voters ID cards.


Security holograms are becoming popular in many markets and are widely found on a host of products and packaging, including Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, cosmetics, watches, and sporting goods. Other secure uses include apparel hang tags, certificates (Tax registration, diamond jewelry, etc.) tickets (theater shows, sporting event, etc.), coupons (gift vouchers, payment receipts, etc.), and many kinds of identification and membership cards. You probably have a security hologram in your pocket...there has been one on every VISA and MASTER CARD produced for the past many years. Holograms also grace currency and passports in countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Kuwait, Switzerland, and Russia. In India, you'll find high security holograms on excise labels on liquor bottles in many states, as well as on bank demand drafts and a variety of government issued bonds and certificates. Use of holograms on your product and packaging will 
• Assure your customers that the product is genuine and will perform according to specifications 
• Increase or preserve sales by reducing the sale and use of counterfeit products 
• Enhance the visual appeal of the product or document and its packaging 
• Make exact product counterfeit more difficult and unlikely 
• Provide potential forensic information for prosecution 
• Establish defensive evidence against possible defective product and negligence claims. 
• For a printed item, such as an identity card or document with intrinsic or exchange value, ensure that only the correct individuals carry the item or document.
• Ensure that only genuine items or documents are in use.


hologram mumbai india holograms

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hologram security mumbai india


Holograms was first conceptualized in 1947 by Nobel Laureate Dr. Dennis Gabor. Dr. Gabor is regarded as the father of holography. The Hungarian-born electrical engineer won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971 for his remarkable invention. Holography was born as an attempt to improve the resolution of electron microscope. It was well known since 1936 that the resolving power of electron microscopes had to stop short of resolving atomic lattices, because the aperture of electron objectives could not be increased beyond a certain limit, owing to the spherical aberration which could not be corrected. Gabor considered the possibility of taking first a "bad" picture and correcting it by optical means. But in an ordinary electron microgram this is not possible, because one-half of the information has dropped out the phase of the electron waves. Gabor thought the phase gets dropped out, because there was nothing to compare it with. He tried to put in a known wave, as a phase standard. A little mathematical analysis showed that this would indeed work, one has only to superpose on the "bad" image, which is entirely unlike the true image, a "coherent background", (Later called a "reference wave".) If now one illuminates the "bad" picture with the coherent background, or a optical simulation of it, the true image will come out, because the original wave front is reconstructed. Gabor termed the "bad" image, (which is indeed entirely unlike the object, it rather looks like a collection of fingerprints) a "hologram" (from the Greek holos, "the whole"), because it contained all the information. He then verified the theory, in 1948, by optical experiments with coherent light.

2D-3D: Parallax Effect

hologram mumbai india

The best example for this kind of holograms is the master card hologram. When you look at the hologram, the background wall paper text appear as if it is printed inside the body of the card. If you have not noticed it earlier, just take out your master card and have a look. 

Switching: Flip Flop

hologram mumbai india holograms
Two images appear one after the other when you tilt a switching hologram. In anti counterfeit secure holograms, usually the product or brand logo appear in first switch and a message, graphics or repeated text appear in second switch..

Animated Holograms

The frames of an animated image can be superimposed in a hologram and can be reconstructed with reference wave at different angles. In other words, when you tilt the hologram you will see the holographic animation frame by frame.

3D holograms

3D holograms can be created either from a solid model or a 3D graphics file. A complex setup on a conventional mastering lab can take a solid model as an object and record a 3D hologram. The solid model has to be created meeting certain criteria. The size of the model, surface finish, Stability are some of the criteria which are critical.


Various technologies are applied for hologram origination. The most popular among them are

* Analog Holography
* Dot Matrix Holography
* E-Beam Holography

Within each of these technologies, origination companies worldwide have developed a number of complex techniques and processes.In analog holography, there are different techniques like Transmission Transfer Holograms, One step rainbow holograms, HOE Images, LCD Holograms (Digital Holograms) etc.Within these techniques, many different types of holograms and features possible. In Transmission Transfer Holograms it is possible to make Switching Holograms, Multi channel holograms, 2D-3D holograms, 3D holograms, Animated holograms, Laser Readable holograms, 90° Viewable holograms, Flashing images, Kinetic Holograms etc.These unlimited possibilities make the duplication of holograms virtually impossible.

1. Analog holograms

This is the conventional type of holography and the processes are highly skill based.  The skilled holographer sets up the optical elements like lenses, mirrors, splitters, filters and collimators to create the image elements and secure features.  The process is very complex and time consuming.  The hologram created by this method, by two different holographers from the same design specifications are easily distinguishable by an even an untrained eye.  Even for the same holographer, it is very difficult to recreate exactly the same hologram for a second time. The different types of holograms possible in this type are

* Switching or Flip-Flop
* Parallax effect or 2D-3D holograms
* Kinetic effect
* 90° viewable Images
* 3D holograms from Solid models
* Flashing Images
* True color holograms
* Laser readable Holograms
* Animated images
* HOE Images

 2. Dot Matrix Holograms
The Hologram image is recorded as very fine pixels of variable size, pitch, grating orientation and color by using a fully computerized system. It is possible to incorporate very dynamic optical effects and secure features by carefully controlling various parameters.  This type of holograms has a very wide viewing angle, as it is possible to assign different viewing angles and colors to adjacent pixels.  The secure features possible in this type are

* Linear kinetic effect
* Pulsating effect
* Micro texts
* Moiré effect
* Animated parallax
* Machine-readable images
* True colour images

3. E-Beam Holograms

The Electron Lithography origination technology has been developed for producing very high secure images, which cannot be made by optical methods. This technology produces holograms with a resolution of up to 0.1 micron (254000dpi).

* High-resolution line patterns
* Kinetic images
* Computer synthesized 2D-3D and 3D images
* Concealed images
* Micro-texts
* CLR images
* Multigrade images
* Nanotexts

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